Month: April 2016

Poetry and Yoga

. . . sometimes words are a powerful means of carrying us into the language of the body.1 —Liz Huntly, Elephant Journal The art of poetry has changed over time and has been adapted for different languages and cultures, but it has endured for thousands of years. Yoga, too, is ancient. According to Timothy Burgi, instructor and executive director of Yoga Basics, “The development of yoga can be traced back […]

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Word Walks

– What is the benefit of the wide proclamation as opposed to the slow reveal? Tributes to literature in two different cities help to answer this question. In mid-Manhattan, the Library Way showcases metal relief plaques sunk into the ground; it is a best-of quote series that was donated by the Grand Central Partnership and other organizations in 1998.1 Hartford, Connecticut has its own word walk, but its location does […]

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