Month: July 2016

Archive Series: The Internet and the Future of Digital Preservation

“We don’t know where this Internet is going, and once we get there it will be very instructive to look back.”1 —Donald Heath, president of the Internet Society in Reston, Virginia By my door, along with a stack of items to be dropped off at charities and recycling centers, sits a bag of 3.5” floppy disks. They’re left over from college days, and we’ve moved them from house to house, […]

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Archive Series: A Kind Warning About History

Truman Warner served in World War II as a medic. He then went on to a career as a professor, author, and historian. He captured much of the war in his photos and clippings. All of these materials have since been preserved in a digital archive at Western Connecticut State University (WCSU). “The scrapbook had decayed substantially…” That one line, taken from the Truman Warner Collection, sums up much of […]

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