Month: February 2018

How to Own a Star

By Dr. Leslie Lindenauer Joyce Munro’s “Let Evening Blush to Own a Star” ranges across time and space. By turns soaring through the heavens and bouncing off the earth, the piece takes us on a journey, tracing the story of a statue (or many statues?), her artist (or his minions?) and her owners, the art patrons who coveted her. She is Merope, “The Lost Pleiad,” in her earthbound form sculpted […]

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A Mysterious German Bible from 1898

When I was sixteen, a European exchange student enrolled at my small-town high school for the year. I was, of course, instantly infatuated and placed myself front and center to gain his favor. He was from Germany and we were together for a year and a half. The latter fifty percent of our relationship took place with me pining away in Connecticut and him pining away back home in Germany. […]

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