Month: May 2018

A New Home for a Historic House in Trumbull

I. John Naeher, director of operations at Christian Heritage School of Trumbull, Connecticut, was in balmy Orlando on a school errand in April 2015 when he received a distressing call. Bob Dunn, the building inspector in Trumbull, had stopped over to look at the dilapidated house on the edge of campus that Christian Heritage had just purchased. To John’s horror, Bob delivered a troubling assessment over the phone: “This house […]

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The Art of Alchemy

By Rebecca Shaw The saying, “You can’t turn lead into gold” has been tossed around for generations when someone is trying to say something is impossible. This saying stems from those who practice alchemy, a mixture of science and magic that tries to turn base metals into more pure substances, with gold being the purest. As you can imagine, the alchemists were unable to transform lead into gold. However, in […]

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Person Behind the Prose – A Q&A with Gayla Mills

By Mattea Heller   Poor Yorick: In your essay, you state, “There’s a story here.” It seems that our lives are made up of a multitude of everyday moments like the one you described in which you were sorting through your father’s belongings. How do you know when one of those moments equals a story worth writing? What was your writing process for this particular essay? Gayla Mills: When I […]

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