Poor Yorick: A Journal of Rediscovered Objects  is an online literary publication of the Master of Fine Arts Program in Creative and Professional Writing at Western Connecticut State University. The journal publishes poems, stories, essays, profiles, digital video shorts, photoessays, scholarly articles, and other innovative works about or inspired by rediscovered objects and/or images of material culture. In addition to unsolicited submissions, the journal’s editorial staff will occasionally identify a particular historical object, collection, exhibit, etc., and call for submissions inspired by the selected artifact. Poor Yorick also works in conjunction with museums both locally and nationally to identify and encourage innovative works focusing on lesser-known and overlooked objects and images.

Our mission

Poor Yorick: A Journal of Rediscovered Objects brings back into light the skeletons hidden in our cultural closets.  The free, online journal welcomes writing and other creative productions about lost objects and images of material culture: sculptures and paintings in the back rooms of museums or in hidden corners of public spaces; murals forgotten in plain view; lost photographic archives and restored films; newly discovered letters or manuscripts; knickknacks in attics; oddities and curiosities in misbegotten sideshows; forgotten stories that remind us of pasts that we cannot afford to forget.

Who we are

Poor Yorick is a publication of the Master of Fine Arts Program in Creative and Professional Writing at Western Connecticut State University, the country’s first MFA program devoted to addressing economic realities for contemporary career writers. WCSU MFA trains students to work in creative genres (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction/memoir, writing for screen and stage) and in practical fields such as varieties of journalism, Public relations, marketing, grant writing, technical writing, and medical writing. Our students are well published and successful in a variety of areas both in and outside academia. 87 percent of WCSU MFA graduates have published books, found full-time teaching appointments, entered other terminal degree programs (PhD, MBA), are working full-time as journalists, agents, editors, corporate communicators, and marketers, and/or are working as successful freelance writers.

For more information about WCSU’s MFA in Creative and Professional Writing visit: www.wcsu.edu/writing/mfa/