Poor Yorick

A Journal of Rediscovered Objects

“Lost and Found,” by Marlene Olin

Ten years old is the worst age ever. Betsy’s too young to be interested in boys and too old not to be scared of them. She’s too young to drive or get a job and too old to play with her Chatty Cathy. And while she’s smart enough to realize that every member of her family is crazy, she hasn’t a clue how to fix them.

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“The Book,” by John Bonanni

My father had an unusual book that rested on his work desk. It was worn and brown. The covers looked hard, almost like a box. When I was a child, from my view at four feet, the ends seemed tinted, a marbled brown design, chipped at the edges. I imagined it to be a case, a chest filled with things I might find interesting or valuable. I wanted to look inside.

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A Thousand Words, Give or Take

By Josh Fox             Capturing images has been an art form for nearly as long as human society has existed. From the cave paintings of the prehistoric era to the marble statues of ancient Rome to the early days of photography when people believed getting your picture taken would result in the loss of your soul; people have always had a habit of capturing single moments in life for all […]

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