Month: December 2015

Skull Talk: Stone Church in Dover New York a Shrine of History & Natural Beauty

They call it the Stone Church. It’s a natural cavern above a brook in the woods off of Route 22 in Dover Plains, New York. Its entrance, formed by giant boulders, shaped haphazardly over the eons, forms an upside down “V” that gives it the appearance of a steeple. I visited the church shortly before sunset on a summer’s day. At that time there was something solemn and haunting about […]

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An Interview with Sharon Woodward and David Moon on their Collaboration with the Documentary Film More Than Just a Mirror

– After viewing More Than Just a Mirror, a documentary on mirror dating back to the Iron Age, Poor Yorick reached out to the filmmaker to find out more. Sharon Woodward is a filmmaker and runs WoodwardMedia. She agreed to speak with us, and broadened the conversation by including David Moon, the Curator of Archaeology at Oxfordshire Museums Services.   PY: What drew you to the Didcot mirror? SW: I’m […]

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