Month: October 2016

Rediscovered Stories: Rattlesnake Tweets

 by Carolyn Bernier What [does] it feel like to be the world’s best-known museum button? @MPMsnake1 @CarolynBarolyn I’m happy to have rattled my way into so many hearts.2 -Twitter conversation between the author and the Milwaukee Public Museum’s rattlesnake button, August 24 and 29, 2016. The rattlesnake button at Milwaukee Public Museum is locally famous. Since 1966, the rattlesnake button has existed on the side of a plastic boulder next […]

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Six-Word Shorts

These six-word stories were written in response to this photograph of a married couple living in Holland in the 1800s. Many thanks to all our contributors from the WCSU MFA program.   Imagine checking for lice in that.                                     -Kevin Hudson   “It’s really her mustache I’m wearing.”                                     -Ben Dreskin   Arsenic in his coffee every day.                                     -Justin O’Donnell   “Ready?” “Yes.” “Smile.” Flash. “Bon Voyage.”                                     -Beth […]

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