Month: April 2017

Earth Day

In 1975, when I was ten years old, my parents drove my three older brothers and me down to Sandusky, Ohio, to Cedar Point Amusement Park. We lived just north of Detroit, and Sandusky was only an hour south as the crow flies. Lake Erie borders that corner between Michigan and Ohio, so we had to drive two and a half hours to bend around the huge lake. I remember […]

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Interview: Kate Blalak, Archivist

 A Q&A by Laura B. Hayden   LH: How and why did you become an archivist? KB: It was a winding road: I started with an undergraduate degree in studio art, which influenced me to get a masters in human relations with a focus on art therapy. From there, I got a masters in library and information science. While pursuing higher education, I always worked in, and loved, libraries. I not only loved […]

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