WCSU 6 Word Shorts

These six word stories were written in response to the textile bird clamp, an item from Europe that is at least a hundred years old. Thank you to all of the contributors, most of whom were WCSU MFA students and alumni. 


*Rest your wings/ at my table.

-Ben Chase

*Heavy wings riding on corkscrew dreams.

-Steph Myers

*Clamp grips/ Beak clips/ Suspending silk

-Catherine D’Andrea

*Europe’s melting Pot: Function married Grace

-Amie Lipscomb

*She whispered goodbye to the sparrow.

–Joe K.

*CLAMP! Screw to tighten/ never rusts.

–Melissa Gordon

*Avian c-clamp/ calculating cuts/ apparel expert!

–Matt Fiederlein







-Camellia Mukherjee

*My songs all drowned in iron.

-Dan Chamberlin

*Open, Close, I am not hungry.

-Nick Manzolillo




Carolyn Bernier
Associate Blog Editor

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