AWP 2015 6 Word Shorts

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Poor Yorick table at the AWP 2015 Bookfair in Minneapolis. Thank you also to those of you who took the time to view our 1932 Vogue magazine and write a 6 word short. Here are some of the shorts. Apologies if I mispelled names or if I didn’t give someone credit—I had trouble reading some of the writing! Contact me if I need to make updates at Thanks for your support of Poor Yorick!


*Eyes slitted & dark—shoulders skeptical.

-Audrey Gidman

*Blood red lipstick on a cat


*Baby jennifer—burnt face free spirt dolly.


*Pleasant action, pharmaceutical power: SECURITY.

-Brooke Wonders

*Found life at 50! Died at 49!


*Misunderstood elbows are better off forgotten.

-Carrie Bindshadler

*The pencil woman stares in ink.

-John Brown Spiers

*Can’t scream with no throat.


*We should be so fucking lucky.


*Waited too long for lunch. Died.


*It’s worse when it stops bleeding




Melissa Gordon