Peter Ciccariello talks about the inspiration behind his “Poor Yorick” images.

Inspired by the line “Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him,” and the question, “Whose (skull) was it?”, I imagined that Yorick’s skeleton had a life of its own and a future. I even imagined him climbing out of his grave!  My creative process usually starts with scanned objects and photographs gleaned from walks throughout northeastern Connecticut and New England. After collaging, combining, and altering those images, a ”texture” is developed to wrap around 3-D models in a virtual space. The models can be modified and their position coordinates changed almost infinitely.





Peter Ciccariello 

About the Artist

Peter Ciccariello lives and creates on the edge of a forest in northeastern Connecticut. He is astounded by the way the world changes and that he wakes up every morning to find it is all still there. His cross-genre, interdisciplinary artwork has been exhibited at Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts; Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island; The University of Arizona Poetry Center, Tucson, Arizona; and recently, Texas A&M International University, Laredo, Texas.

Recent work can be viewed at: and