Peter Poskas’s Painting “Victorian in Winter” as an Inspiration

Poskas Victorian House
“Victorian in Winter” by Peter Poskas. Painting. 1979. Image courtesy of the Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, Connecticut.

Poor Yorick and our museum partner, the Mattatuck Museum, are proud to announce the winner of our first Special Call for Submissions. We received poems, short stories, digital videos, and essays. “Victorian in Winter,” a poem by Martin Willitts, Jr., was chosen to accompany the image “Victorian in Winter,” a painting by Peter Poskas. Poskas, born in 1939, “has been painting New England for more than three decades,” incorporating “thoughtful studies of light and perspective [that] reflect the subtle nuances of seasonal change”1. His paintings allow for beauty and nostalgia in the landscapes he observes and captures with his brush. The painting is part of the Mattatuck Museum’s collection.

Please visit Poor Yorick Friday, March 11, to read the poem.

Congratulations, Martin Willitts, Jr.!



1. “Artists.” Haynes Galleries. Haynes Galleries, 2014. Web 11 Feb. 2015.



Hannah Albee
Assistant Editor