We Launch Next Week!

The staff of Poor Yorick: A Journal of Rediscovered Objects is proud to announce our launch on October 15! The premiere of the journal will include 12 pieces, including: a poem about a real-life hoax so bold even P.T. Barnum was jealous; an essay about the ancient legends surrounding a mystical beast so ridiculous no fiction writer would make it up; two poems that explore the fascination with both the literal and figurative probing of what lies beneath the skin; a book that is literally a meteorite; a digital video that tells the story about the generational impact of immigration; and textural compositions made from objects such as skulls, cigar bands, eggshells, and grapefruit tree twigs.

When we first started work on the journal over a year ago, we looked at the hundreds of literary journals and realized Poor Yorick had the ability to make a unique contribution, as we focused our efforts on bringing back to light slices of the past. Since our first call for submissions, we have received so much enthusiasm over the concept of combining writing, history, and culture. We are so excited to share our first publications with our readers!

The pieces chosen for roll-out truly represent the sense of deep respect for how the past connects to our present. The objects spotlighted in these pieces are from places the Royal Academy of Arts in England, the Hallingdal Museum in Norway, The Farmers’ Museum in Cooperstown, NY, and the Garden Museum in London, among other places. In addition to images and writing, the journal will also feature interviews from experts and informational essays that will deepen perspective on the objects being brought to light.

Our mission is to deepen human connections by bringing back into light objects, stories, and “excellent fancies” that remind of us of pasts we can’t afford to forget.  

We hope you will come back and visit in a week! Don’t forget to keep the connections going by “liking” and “sharing” what you read at Poor Yorick with your social network.  🙂 


Melissa Gordon, Editor Poor Yorick

Erik Ofgang, Founding Editor Poor Yorick