Month: October 2017

The Crying Ghost

A direct ancestor of a friend was hanged as a witch in Salem, Mass. “My great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother,” said Mary Broas, “was accused twice.” Susannah Martin was hanged on July 19, 1692 after being found guilty of causing damages through witchcraft by those who did not like her. Her husband successfully defended her the first time, but after his death, Martin was helpless. She was strong and defiant until the end. […]

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Creating a Racket

A film recently came out starring Steve Carell and Emma Stone titled Battle of the Sexes. It’s a dramatization of a famous tennis match in 1973 between men’s tennis player Bobby Riggs and women’s tennis player Billie Jean King. Spoiler alert: King won the match, and that victory was a sizable step for women’s tennis on the “taken-seriously”-o-meter. If you’re wondering why I’m bringing this up, it’s because, after rummaging […]

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