Month: November 2017

A Legacy of Thought

By Rebecca Shaw When buying used textbooks online, it’s not uncommon for the description to include a warning: “May contain some notes in the margins.” Some buyers would write those off as damaged books and look for one closer to new, but textbooks that double as notebooks can be the more interesting reads. Today, it has become almost taboo to write in books, but for centuries it wasn’t that way. […]

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An American Lord in the British Court

My boyfriend Travis’s family can trace its lineage all the way back to Sybil Ludington. Having the blood of an original patriot like her running through their veins makes it no surprise that his family’s other ancestors have played their parts in history. They have fought in multiple wars, including World War II. Travis’s great-grandfather died in that war, while his great-uncle worked as a spy. While digging through some […]

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