Spring Issue: Rediscovery

Welcome to the Spring Issue of Poor Yorick Journal! We are delighted to share a selection of wonderful prose, poetry, and visual art with you. Please enjoy, and support our wonderful contributors by taking a moment to read their bios at the end of the journal and engage with their

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Three Poems by James B. Nicola

Tetradic Sequence from Below and Above, Before and After blocked ears, closed minds, rage;wisdom falls as late fall’s leaves:heroes’ tragedies *** finch pecks by window February slows him downwarm inside. poor bird  *** after the last blastall the leaves curled, browned, crisped, droopedobsolete as arms *** gone. but where you weresmolders

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Black and white photo of a surgical mask discarded in the grass

The Poet’s Mask, a Poor Yorick Special Issue

  Editor’s Note     The theme for this special issue emerged from multiple sources of inspiration and observation that came together in a way that just made sense. I’d observed that poetry was our most popular submission category, that April was National Poetry Month, and that sometimes, a few

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