Behind the Crooked Cross by Christine Lalla

Behind the Crooked Cross, by Christine Lalla, is a short documentary on the origins of the world’s oldest known symbol, the swastika. The main aim of the film is to educate people about what this symbol stood for (and in some parts of the world still does) before the Nazis came to power.

About the Director After a successful career as a professional photographer specializing in action/sports reportage, Christine Lalla graduated from The London Film School with an MA in Filmmaking. She has recently completed her debut feature film, The New Boy, which will premiere at The East End Film Festival 2015, and she is in preproduction on her second, Blindsight. For more information visit: The New Boy Trailer, The New Boy at The East End Film Festival,, and

Rediscovered Stories: Interview with Behind the Crooked Cross Filmmaker Christine Lalla