My Beauty by Chantel Tetreault

He said it was a surprise.
But why would he want to surprise a pregnant woman?
Our chickees might be enthralled,
But what is so important that he quit his business trip?
It’s only 1867 and he said he met a man named Albert Krafft.
The stories of his trip brings on reminiscence.
I’m jealous of him for seeing the greats;
He sees what I saw years ago.

 He came home yesterday.
And by God, this is beautiful,
It’s the Madonna.
The Madonna and Child.
Though it’s not the real one,
Its beauty is still.

 I couldn’t copy the beauty,
It couldn’t come to the canvas,
Not through my hands.
I tried and failed,
My favorite beauty.
No matter what I do,
The beauty is too great.

 It doesn’t matter.
The beauty is even more delightful.
Here in Hartford is my
Madonna and Child.
I have my favorite beauty in the world.
Brought by my loving husband,
I have it.
I love it.
I will cherish it.


Madonna and Child Tetreault
Eliza Sheldon Butler McCook’s copy of “Madonna and Child.” Photograph by Carolyn Bernier. Permission to use image given by Butler-McCook House.