Valor by Justin Freeman

Philip J McCook earned this Distinguished Service Cross for actions on November 6, 1918. While finishing a reconnaissance mission, he suffered a wound when shrapnel shattered his knee.

I came to be

because of the heroic

actions of                    Phillip McCook

I was awarded to                         Stuffed behind an

this soldier because                                 old desk, look at him

he overcame his fears                                 he didn’t earn me for

to do the job that                                    sitting around, like a coward

his country needed                                 playing word games

him to do                                       to win battles, no, he

he didn’t question                  fought with honor

orders, he just did          and courage


on decemeber 7

1941, a great blow was struck

to our country, our home had been attacked

yet  Philip was not allowed to regain our country’s

honor—no—  they sat him behind a desk to play

games of words and deceit, a great shame

upon the name of McCook


Valor Medal



Valor Medal
Phillip John McCook’s Distinguished Service Cross. Photograph by Carolyn Bernier. Permission to use image given by Butler-McCook House.