Month: September 2015

Poor Yorick Call for Submissions

– Poor Yorick is looking for photos of unique grave sites, memorials, or tombs to post on our blog site during the month of October. Our goal is to honor the remembrance of those past. Is there a famous person buried in a cemetery near you? Does a certain shapely stone capture your attention? Is there an inscription on a gravestone you want to share with others? Is there a […]

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The Harper Lee Conundrum

– When, like me, you’ve taught To Kill a Mockingbird to tenth graders for thirty years, you have a personal stake in Harper Lee’s only “other” novel, Go Set a Watchman, published a few months ago. For three decades, I’ve deconstructed Atticus’s airtight argument that proved Tom Robinson’s innocence beyond anyone’s (but a racist jury’s) doubt. I’ve introduced countless teens to the notion that “You never really understand a person […]

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Skull Talk: A Small Mountain Soda Company

Hosmer Mountain Soda did not start off as a soda company; it started as a fresh spring water delivery company. It was founded in 1912 in Willimantic, Connecticut by W.E. Clark1. The company went through two other owners before the fourth, Arthur J. Potvin, transformed it. In 1958, Potvin bought the company and along with his sons, Bill, John, Andy, and Chuck began to broaden their horizons beyond just water. […]

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