Month: August 2016

Author Interview: Lea Graham on “Rumors at the Blackstone Canal” and the Manuscript From the Hotel Vernon

by Carolyn Bernier – PY: What is your connection to the city of Worcester, Massachusetts? I moved to Worcester from Chicago in 2000, following a former spouse who had just gotten a job there. I lived there for seven years, teaching in various colleges and universities, most notably Clark University. I didn’t really like Worcester for most of the time I lived there. I found it gritty and hard to […]

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Author Interview: The Power of an Image to Sound and Resound Across Time, with Sally Flint, Ph.D.

by Melissa Gordon – PY: What drew you to Poor Yorick? Why did you think your piece “Ekphrastic Evolutions: New Paths in Poetry” would be a good response to PY’s mission? SF: I first found out about the aims of Poor Yorick when running a creative writing workshop with the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter, England. The curator told me that editor Melissa Gordon [Poor Yorick’s then editor-in-chief] was […]

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Archive Series: Puppets, Masks, and Process

“. . . the art of how you tell a story is often as meaningful to the audience and as moving to the audience as the story itself.”1 —Julie Taymor, Director and Costume Designer for The Lion King On a recent visit to the Haas Library Archives at Connecticut State University, a shadow puppet and a mask caught my attention. Little information about them was available, but subsequent investigation suggests […]

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