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Silhouetted human standing alone looking up at the night's sky lit by an unimaginable number of stars

Space Signals by Mackenzie Hurlbert

He was a quiet man, with a quiet life in small town Middlebrook, Pennsylvania. He could count on two hands the number of times he’d ventured beyond the county borders. He had Chip’s Hardware down the street, the General Store for groceries, and the library with shelves full of his favorite yellow-paged, sci-fi paperbacks. What else did a man need? He thought. … Continue readingSpace Signals by Mackenzie Hurlbert

Black and white photo of a surgical mask discarded in the grass

The Poet’s Mask, a Poor Yorick Special Issue

  Editor’s Note     The theme for this special issue emerged from multiple sources of inspiration and observation that came together in a way that just made sense. I’d observed that poetry was our most popular submission category, that April was National Poetry Month, and that sometimes, a few

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