Uncovering My Grandfather’s Past by Michaela Lawlor

As I begin my second semester of the MFA program at Western Connecticut State University, I am excited to start writing my thesis. I’ve chosen to write a screenplay about my grandfather’s life growing up in Poland during World War II, the country’s seizure by Nazi Germany, and how my grandfather’s life changed because of the trauma he experienced. … Continue readingUncovering My Grandfather’s Past by Michaela Lawlor

“The Book,” by John Bonanni

My father had an unusual book that rested on his work desk. It was worn and brown. The covers looked hard, almost like a box. When I was a child, from my view at four feet, the ends seemed tinted, a marbled brown design, chipped at the edges. I imagined it to be a case, a chest filled with things I might find interesting or valuable. I wanted to look inside. … Continue reading“The Book,” by John Bonanni