Month: January 2018

Campbell Soup Kids

I found a toy that may have belonged to your great-grandparents once upon a time. A little thrift store called Safe Haven sells items that were once held so dear to someone that they were pristinely cleaned and cared for, and they stood the test of time. Located in the heart of a retirement community in the small town of Southbury, CT, Safe Haven inherits antiques, some with rich history […]

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Skeleton as Cultural Icon

by Josh Fox Skeletons—we all have them. We all know about them. Starting off with 270 bones when we’re born and finishing with 206 when we die, the skeleton is a rather simple part of the human body to wrap your head around (unless, of course, you’re a medical professional). In spite of this, a lot of people all throughout history, and all around the world, have managed to do […]

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Creative Clothing During the Great Depression

by Melissa Johnson To survive after the stock market crash of 1929, families had to be creatively thrifty when it came to necessities like clothing. One of the ways women outfitted their children and themselves was to use the cotton from large flour and grain sacks to sew shirts, pants, and dresses. For a while, an estimated 3.5 million women and children walked around with Pillsbury and Purina logos emblazoned […]

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