Month: October 2018

Contemplating One’s Omphalos

  By Joshua Fox             When it comes to navels, you have your “innies”, where your navel caves in on itself, and your “outies”, where the tip is sticking out for the entire world to see. Finally, you have the lesser known, but still culturally relevant, omphalos. Omphalos, coming from the Greek word for “navel,” refers to stone artifacts of a religious nature, and each has their own unique history […]

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The Solid Truth

By Chelsea Nevin There are many cities that have disappeared into the ocean over the centuries. One such city is featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Port Royal is home to William Turner, Elizabeth Swan and the British Navy. Disney captures the essence of this town though they downplayed the violence and sexual content that this town was infamous for. In reality, Port Royal was described as being […]

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