Angelus Novus


To ease the pain, he frees the Klee caged in his mind, converting image to text, scratching left to right, left to right. Though the room reeks of romance, this lust for the past, for the erotics of time and its beautiful damage, is what wounds him. He stares at the angel and she stares back, a rose window reduced to leaden lines by the Blitz, wings singed by future winds, a heap of spires and thrones, satchels and bones, mounting at her feet.



About the Author

Holly Iglesias is a poet and translator. Her work includes Angles of Approach (White Pine Press), Souvenirs of a Shrunken World (Kore Press), and Boxing Inside the Box: Women’s Prose Poetry (Quale Press). She is the recipient of fellowships and grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the North Carolina Arts Council, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and the Edward Albee Foundation. Her most recent work is Sleeping Things, forthcoming from New Rivers Press.


Image courtesy of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
Image courtesy of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.




Interview with Holly Iglesias