Month: March 2015

Interview with Vincent P. Kmetz author of The Ghost of Westchester Northern

–   PY: You have written a generous historical document about an artifact that is “under the nose” of golfers at Brae Burn Country Club every day. How did the ruins of the Westchester Northern catch your attention? VK: I’ve been associated with Brae Burn since 1983, which dovetailed with the first years of my affinity for golf. As a teenager, my apprehension of this stillborn railroad was entirely based […]

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Peter Poskas’s Painting “Victorian in Winter” as an Inspiration

– Poor Yorick and our museum partner, the Mattatuck Museum, are proud to announce the winner of our first Special Call for Submissions. We received poems, short stories, digital videos, and essays. “Victorian in Winter,” a poem by Martin Willitts, Jr., was chosen to accompany the image “Victorian in Winter,” a painting by Peter Poskas. Poskas, born in 1939, “has been painting New England for more than three decades,” incorporating “thoughtful […]

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Rediscovered Stories: Returning to Reverence with the Amur Leopard

by Karen Veazey  – In 2012, I visited a large cat rescue where I participated in “cub interaction time,” a controversial but effective method of fundraising. For a small donation, you play with a tiger cub. I entered the playpen, a pale green cement and cinderblock room with one glass observation wall and a back wall covered in jungle wallpaper. As I waited, I straightened the packing blankets scattered across […]

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