Month: September 2016

Rediscovered Stories: The Fight Between Carnival and Lent by Pieter Bruegel

by Beth D. Man – The Fight Between Carnival and Lent was painted in 1559 by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, a Renaissance painter and printmaker from the province of Brabant, Belgium, known for his landscapes and peasant scenes. Art historians sometimes refer to him as the “Peasant Bruegel,” not only to describe his subjects, usually laborers and peasants, but also to distinguish his works from those of his two sons.1 The […]

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Museum Spotlight: The Mark Twain Library

– Poor Yorick proudly announces its new partner, The Mark Twain Library in Redding, Connecticut. The library was founded by Mark Twain after his move to Redding in 1908. After his move to the town, Twain convinced his many visitors that the community needed a library. He offered to donate his own personal collection to the cause. The community agreed and offered to do their part, and they formed the Mark […]

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Bob Dylan and Horace Purdy: Two Writers Who Teach Us about History

In 1961, after moving from Minnesota to New York City, a singer-songwriter named Bob Dylan was looking for a deeper perspective on America’s past. He found it at the archives of the New York Public Library. In one of the rooms on its upper floors, Dylan read through 100-year-old newspapers on microfilm. His interest was the Civil War. Dylan wanted a sense of the daily life and culture of the […]

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