Month: September 2018

German Immigration and New York’s Garment Industry

By Lisa Peterson By the turn of the 20th Century, German immigrants, many of them Jewish, were coming to America in droves to start a new life. They landed in New York City equipped with their trade, as milliners, tailors, and hat makers. These men and women were skilled at the various stages required to make clothes. Their talents included jobs as seamstresses, dressmakers, pattern cutters, quilters, knitters, and even […]

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Gott Segne Amerika

 By Josh Fox        While America hasn’t been the greatest country in the world for long, it’s been attracting immigrants for centuries. Whether it’s because of difficulties in their homelands or the idea of new opportunities, people from all corners of the globe have ventured to America. One country that’s no stranger to this is Germany, with over forty-four million Americans claiming German descent. A good percentage of […]

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