Museum Spotlight: Butler-McCook House & Garden

Poor Yorick
is proud to spotlight the Butler-McCook House , a museum located in Hartford, Connecticut. The house and its properties belong to Connecticut Landmarks. In the summer of 2015, Connecticut Landmark’s Youth Employment Program (YEP) provided high school students with an opportunity to engage with, learn about, and contextualize history. The students engaged in many different activities at the house over the summer, including historical research and professional development. Their experiences included an interactive presentation, open to the public where the YEP students displayed their work.

Over the course of the summer, each YEP student familiarized him- or herself with one member of the McCook Family, who lived in Hartford during the Victorian period. Each student wrote a creative piece using the family member’s perspective in order to show what life was like during that time, effectively seeing the world through a different pair of eyes.

In the writing showcased here, they respond to the material possessions of the McCooks.


“John’s Sword”

Justin Sword


Douglas Helmet

“Remembering Days Made Me Happy”

Duncan Scrapbook

“My Beauty”

Madonna and Child Tetreault

“My Sheep, His Name Was Mouton”

Alvarado Sheep

“Clinic Chair”

Arroyo Chair

“The Tapestry”

Rodriguez Tapestry


Freeman Jordan Medal