Month: December 2018

Jamestown 1609-1610

By Rebecca Shaw                 The winter of 1609-1610 was one that the colonists of Jamestown, Virginia hoped would be lost to history. After first being colonized only a couple years prior in 1607, the settlers were still getting used to their new home and how the woods of Virginia worked. Between dealing with the natives and learning how to work the land, life in Virginia was a struggle.                 The […]

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Cluttered Space

By Chelsea Nevin Imagine laying on a blanket in the middle of a cool summer night, a light breeze tickles your cheek as you look up in the sky, the stars twinkling alongside the beams of a full moon. The last thing most people think about are the pieces of debris that is behind the beautiful celestial scene, polluting the orbit with every crash and collision. “Space junk”, properly known […]

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